Sea Fishing Diary

About Sea Fishing Diary

Sea Fishing Diary replaces that old paper diary and allows you to record your sessions online, making them easy to access on the go.

You can view and search your sessions at any time from your computer, mobile or tablet, saving you from flicking through your notebook to find that memorable session.

Your sessions stay private to you, nobody else will be able to see your data.

You can add your own custom data such as locations, rigs, baits etc, to make sure you can store the detail you need.

As well as your sessions, you can keep a list of your personal best fish so you never forget the weight of that PB.

You can also store your targets and keep track of what you have accomplished so far.

And the best bit, it's all free!

Why use this site?

  • Free diary of your fishing sessions
  • Record and search your sessions
  • Your sessions stay private to you
  • Customise your rigs, baits etc
  • Store your personal best fish
  • Track your personal targets